Terms and Conditions of Temporary Service

Welcome to TDS Personnel Temporary Services. Please read this notice carefully. By approving the time card, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below.

All TDS Personnel candidates introduced or assigned to any Company and/or its subsidiaries are considered the employees of TDS Personnel for a (6) six month period, from the date of introduction. Therefore, a client is obliged to pay either a temporary or permanent placement fee (whichever is applicable), in the event that an employee of TDS is re-engaged by the client or its subsidiaries during the (6) six month period. Similarly, a temporary or permanent fee is payable if TDS introduces or assigns an employee who is employed in any position in another firm to which the client may refer that employee within the (6) six month period.

1. Invoice due upon receipt

2. Minimum, daily charge per employee is (4) four hours

3. Statutory holidays will be charged in accordance with Labour Legislation

4. Overtime will be charged in accordance with Labour Legislation

5. TDS employees are not to be entrusted with the handling of cash, negotiables or valuables without prior written permission from TDS

6. Client vehicles, if operated by TDS employees, will be fully insured by the client, including public liability, property damage, collision, fire and theft coverage. Said employee is to have full benefits and protection of such insurance

7. Every effort shall be made by TDS to ensure high standards of integrity and reliability among our employees and to consistently provide staff in accordance with client requirements

8. TDS Personnel shall assume no responsibility for any loss, expense, damage or delays arising directly or indirectly as a result of failure to provide staff for a, or part of any assignment; or as a result of negligence or misconduct by a TDS employee

9. Employee names, addresses, phone numbers, social insurance numbers and any other personal information shall be treated as confidential by the employer and its employees

10. By approving the time card you are accepting of all the terms and conditions as set out above by TDS Personnel Ltd. and you agreeing to the total number of hours stated